The successful production of the desired merchandise is only half the battle. In order to be permitted to import the products smoothly from the Asian area, many administrative barriers must be overcome. Without experience, the selection of the correct logistics partner, the process through certification authorities and customs clearance can prove to be a nerve-racking task. In order to carry out a punctual and correct shipment you should resort to experience and expertise.

Renowned logistic partners ensure a punctual and dependable shipment.

In order to guarantee correct delivery of goods, the STM-Group has been cooperating with renowned logistics partners for over 10 years taking over customs clearance and reducing potential error sources to a minimum. Individual shipping terms are being considered and customers’ requirements are met to the greatest possible extent.

The selection of correct Incoterms ® is decisive

Incoterms ® are not only globally recognized, standardized rules for the allocation of rights and obligations as well as risks in international goods traffic but also stipulate which contract partner is responsible for the organization of transportation, loading and unloading, insurance and other costs as well as the handling of imports and exports.