The trade opportunities of the globalized world are as simple as never before. The Asian region is the biggest procurement market for Europe and guarantees the growth and preservation of western standards of living. For over 10 years the STM-Group has been developing its network of Chinese producers, factories and manufacturers. Experiences gained and the direct local partnerships of many years not only provide cost benefits as compared to commercial agencies but also ensures reliability, high quality standards and best value for money.

Importing from China: European expertise meets Asian manufacturing qualities

The STM-Group sees itself as interface between the European and Asian markets. Personal contact partners for imports from China are available in Italy, Austria and Germany and respond to customers’ wishes individually. The defined demand profile of the product is developed in close contact and is communicated to the Hong Kong and Shanghai offices. In China the STM-Group enters into negotiations with the local manufacturers using its expertise and comprehensive market overview. Many years of experience and the extensive network reveal the production opportunities. The right manufacturer in China is found fast.