360 degree service

Imports from China as one stop shop


1 – 2 weeks

In order to obtain the best value for money, the STM-Group carries out a professional market research for each product inquiry. Contract and price negotiations do not take place before the desired manufacturer has been decided. In the next step, the import department determines all provisions and requirements for the import of the desired products.

Operational procedures are carried out in compliance with the EU certification rules. No documentations of the production facilities must be missing. Only after all costs have been stated clearly and transparently, the customer will receive an official offer.


1-2 weeks

After approval of the submitted offer by the customer, the STM-Group defines the conditions of production and delivery with the manufacturer and product samples are being made. The STM-Group’s quality department requests samples and product designs and subjects them to strict quality controls. They must be first approved and released before they are sent to the customer for final examination.


4-5 weeks

After the samples have been approved by the customer, the final delivery terms are stipulated. The production phase is initiated. During production the STM-Group’s quality department examines and monitors each production process. This means that misunderstandings, discrepancies and quality changes are resolved as early as possible. In regular intervals the customer is informed transparently about the production status.


Quality Inspection

1 week

All products of STM-Group conform to all applicable European norms meaning that the quality of each delivery is examined carefully for compliance with the ISO standard. Clear and transparent records guarantee smooth product development. The final quality control report provides the customer with an extensive documentation. If required, the STM-Group also carries out a loading inspection.


3-4 weeks

After completion of production the customer receives the final quality control report. It has to be reviewed after receipt and approval has to be given. Shipping is initiated only after receipt of the customer’s confirmation. Upon request, the STM-Group’s import department will organize shipment either by sea freight or airfreight. In addition, the STM-Group will provide all export documents required for the import of goods to the European market. All importing costs incurred, including customs clearance (in compliance with the applicable laws of the importing country) must also be borne by the importer. Here the STM-Group accompanies and counsels in connection with all arising bureaucratic barriers.


1 week

As soon as the goods have cleared by custom and all documents have been approved by the European customs authority, the STM-Group organizes their delivery to the customer’s destination. If required, STM-Group’s highly-qualified team will also offer a wide range of after sales services to our customers.


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