In past years many European trading firms, logistics experts and manufacturers have resorted to the STM-Group’s know-how. If desired, we conclude an agency agreement and act as business partners on Asian markets. Reliable and long-term partnership is highly valued in the Asian area. As purchasing agents, the STM-Group achieves better value for money with manufacturers than new customers where a confidence base is still lacking.

Being familiar with Asian business culture, avoiding risks and acting successfully

Manners, practices, compliance with business processes and assessment of different market positions hide many risks that can either result in increased costs or even in termination of business. The STM-Group counsels not only in respect of establishing initial business contacts but leads them successfully to the closing of a business transaction. Lacking expertise, wrong approaches and misunderstandings have, in the past, caused the termination of many product developments. The agency agreement opens doors for a successful import from China.